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Anthony J. Mohr has written a familiar Hollywood morality tale. Famous man dumps his loyal wife for a femme fatale. The plucky divorcee, struggling as a single mother, is swept off her feet by a wealthy businessman who welcomes her son as his own – as her ex’s career...

Literary Titan

Every Other Weekend by Anthony Mohr is an enthralling narrative that transports readers to the vibrant backdrop of 1950s Los Angeles. However, this is not merely a tale of an ordinary teenager; it delves into the life of Judge Anthony Mohr, the son of Hollywood B-list...

Book Trib

‘Every Other Weekend is a well-written captivating memoir with vivid characters and descriptions of the author “vicariously riding the Stan and Gerry roller coaster.’ Read full review

Martha Highers

“Like the radio actors he grew up listening to, especially his own father, Tony Mohr’s voice and words evoke a world. I know that Angelenos will find that world compelling, but I did too. I especially appreciate the child’s-level gaze at Hollywood and Beverly...

Hawk Koch

“I found Every Other Weekend profoundly moving and insightful about fathers, divorce, the law, and an amazing life.”